3 ft. Tall Floret Stems - Pack of 9 Stems

3 ft. Tall Floret Stems - Pack of 9 Stems
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Product Description

  • Includes: 3ft. tall Floret stems with 7 florets per stem in your choice of color, and is sold in a pack of 9 stems.
  • The tree leaves are harvested, dried, hand dyed, and then crafted by hand into flower buds.
  • Available colors: Burgundy, Copper, Light Rose Burgundy, Cream White, & Plum.
  • Makes a good focal flower when combined with other botanicals.
  • This is an all natural, green and renewable resource product.

    Handcrafted from tree leaves, the Floret Stems have 7 buds per stem. These look beautiful when displayed alone, but can also be combined with other botanicals for an eye-catching arrangement.